Rotary District 6110

Study Abroad Scholarship Program

(Academic Year)

Now Accepting Applications for the 2024/25 Academic Year

Applications Due: November 1, 2023

Save the Date: District 6110 Interviews, Fayetteville, AR

Saturday and Sunday, December 2 & 3, 2023

 Rotary, through its international network, offers a unique opportunity for high school students to attend high school in a foreign country for a school year, live in the home of citizens of the country and immersing themselves in the language and culture of their host country.

Rotary International is an international humanitarian service organization. One of its missions is to advance international goodwill, understanding and peace around the world. The high-school Study Abroad Scholarship is one of Rotary District 6110’s programs which support this mission.  Founded in 1905, the Rotary International organization is a non-political and non-sectarian association open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference.

Since 1929, study abroad has been a part of Rotary International and it continues to grow and change lives. Currently, about 9,000 students study abroad every year.  

For the long-term study abroad program, students are sent to another country for a school-year-long stay, in most cases living with multiple host families during their time abroad. Rotary District 6110 Study Abroad Scholarships are intended to be both educational and cultural. The cultural part includes living with a host family and being expected to perform daily tasks within the household as well as attend school in the host country.     

The cost for studying abroad for a year is a shared agreement between you and Rotary District 6110.  We provide a scholarship that includes tuition along with room & board (valued at ~$20,000.)  The scholarship also includes monthly spending money, usually around $100 per month.  You cover airfare, health insurance, and some other fees.

If you think you'd like to study abroad for a year we'd like to talk with you. We encourage you to contact Rodney Arnold at should you wish for a Rotary representative to follow up with you or your parents and answer any questions you may have.

You start right here; just click on the link to start the application process.


Academic Year Study Abroad Scholarship Program FAQ's

Are Gap Year programs possible?

Yes, Gap Year programs are possible due to the excellent relationships we have with our partnering countries.  However, Gap Year programs can limit some destinations, especially for older aged students.

Like the United States of America, many European countries have mandated age restrictions for students. With this in mind, if you want to go to a European country, your plan may be to complete your coursework but not graduate prior to leaving.  

Do I get to pick what country I go to?

Our Study Abroad Program depends on relationships our team has with our partners in other countries. During your online application process, we ask you to fill out the Country Selection Form and rank the countries you'd like to go to. We then use your preference list along with other variables to match you with a country that we feel will best offer you a positive cultural and educational experience. 

What counties can I go to?

Europe:   Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland (German-speaking), Switzerland (French-speaking), Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Reunion Island Protectorate of France

Asia:   Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia

The Americas:   Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina

Other non-English speaking countries can be considered upon request and can be designated or added on the Country Selection Form (part of the online application).

Will studying abroad impact my college scholarship?

Should you decide to study abroad your Senior year of high school (or a gap year), talking with the Financial Aid Office of the college or university is our best advice.

Over the last 25 years, we have had students go to the top schools in the USA. We have never had an institution not hold a scholarship for one of our study abroad students.  We have had scholarships offered simply because they chose to study abroad. It has been our experience that studying abroad on scholarship increases rather than limits your opportunity for additional scholarships.

Keep this in mind: You are going on an educational visa; you will be going to school and studying while on exchange. When a student clearly explains this to a prospective college or university, that institution holds the scholarship. Be sure to get their commitment in writing and get a copy of your transcript before you return home from exchange.

Will it cause me to not graduate on time?

With proper planning, studying abroad for a year will not require an additional year of high school once you return.

Regarding graduation, many countries that we exchange with will not accept students who have already graduated. With this in mind, your plan may be to complete your coursework but not graduate prior to leaving.

Keep in mind, there are ways to complete your coursework outside of the normal high school academic year. By working with your counselor, prior to leaving you can consider taking evening classes, summer classes, online classes or college classes that can be accepted for credit to meet the required courses to graduate high school.

Some students plan to return to high school before going to college. With AP/Concurrent Enrollment (University courses) credit courses, many students come back to take these types of courses at their reduced rates to save money on college courses. Once again, meeting with your high school counselor is the best approach to set up your courses when it comes to participating in our program.

Will the classes transfer if I study abroad for a year?

With proper planning, studying abroad for a year will not require an additional year of high school once you return. The acceptance of classes while studying abroad varies from school district to school district. Our advice is for you to talk to your high school counselor. She or he will let you know what courses will be accepted, if any. Also, we highly recommend that you get in writing the agreement made with your high school. Oftentimes, high school counselors leave or "forget" while you are away for a year. Having a written document secures your credits.

How much does it cost to go on exchange?

LESS than it costs most parents to keep the student at home!

Once accepted into the program, students may participate in the district six-month (January to June) installment plan to pay this year’s flat fee. The flat fee is to be paid completely prior to departure.

For Rotary District 6110, the cost to study abroad for the 2024-25 academic year is $6950.  This amount is comprised of a $200 application fee and a flat fee of $6,750. 

The flat fee primarily includes airfare, health insurance, and training camp next summer.  Please note, there are other expenses such as Emergency Fund fees (typically $500), passports, resident permits, etc.  These are dependent on the country to which you travel and on your personal circumstances. Please contact Rodney Arnold should you wish more details on fees.

Good news! Most Rotary District 6110 Study Abroad Scholarship students can CLEP out of 8 - 28 hours of classes at the university level -- that's the equivalent of approximately $1600 - $5600 in college tuition at $200/credit hour.

Can my family visit me when I'm abroad?

Family visits and timing are at the discretion of the Rotary District that hosts you. That option is usually outlined in a letter that your host district sends you before you leave on your exchange. For example, often districts prefer that parents do not visit in the first 6 months. This policy helps the student to settle in with his or her host families, adjust to the new culture, and learn more of the language prior to parents' visiting.  Each host district has its own policy regarding parent visits.

When are applications due?

Applications must be submitted by November, 1, 2023.

Want to Apply?

Qualified applicants must be between 15 - 19 at the time of their departure, must be sponsored by a local Rotary club, and must complete a written application.  Both applicants and their parents must be interviewed in person.  Additionally, before acceptance, applicants must pass medical and dental health exams, submit high school transcripts showing above average performance, and be recommended by a high school teacher or counselor.

You start right here: just click on the link to start the application process

For more information, you may wish to go to and review the information. You can fill out the short online “interest” form and it won’t be long Rodney Arnold or Mike Lindstrom follows up with you.

As a backup you may also email Rodney Arnold,, to let his office know about your interest in applying for a Rotary District 6110 Study Abroad Scholarship. 

Rotary District 6110 Study Abroad Scholarship Program is managed by unpaid volunteers and supported by many volunteers at local Rotary Clubs.


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